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Cuisine360 Ltd showcases the best of what New Zealand food & beverage has to offer. We build products and brands in export markets for long term success.

Are you looking for premium New Zealand food & beverage products? Working with key manufacturers and processors we provide the critical link for your seafood, meat, snack, confectionery and beverage needs. No request is too great and we work hard to build successful business relationships, helped by our international marketing experience and practical knowledge in all aspects of exporting.

We focus on the following food sectors and are flexible in how we manage specific opportunities, from logistics to in-market support:

– Retail

– Hospitality Food Service

– Institutional and Ingredients

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Why Work With Us

We appreciate that Cuisine360 is really needed as a bridge in business between New Zealand and Japan. Japanese consumers are very concerned about food safety and traceability. They also place great importance on product quality. Cuisine360 is enthusiastic about developing Japanese market, taking into consideration strict regulations and high quality standard required in Japan. We have the confidence in establishing and maintaining good partnership for future through frank and transparent communication.

Ms. Seido

When you’re a small player, you can’t do everything. Life is about teamwork. I leave the exporting to Cuisine360, which frees me up to do what I do best, and work on my business. They are the experts. Cuisine360 is very good at following up on any export enquiries I receive. They know all about freight and documentation. They are good people to deal with and we have become good friends.

A. Welham
New Zealand

Cuisine360 develops markets for our products. They also take care of shipping and logistics, streamlining the purchase process from the factory door to the final port of call. We’re kept well informed and we support their efforts wherever possible. It’s a team effort and we both have a long term commitment to the region.

B Whittington
New Zealand

I am working with Cuisine360 Ltd and we find them to be extremely reliable, responsive and proactive. They are a formidable team and we are delighted that they are sourcing and managing our business.

Seung Su Ryu
South Korea

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